What Executives Say About Partnership with Cynthia

"Cynthia Ronan’s coaching, simply put, makes an impact!  She has keen insight and elicits thinking from her clients that was not previously in the realm of possibility.  She excels working with high level clients who are operating in highly complex industry and organizational systems that require new thinking and approaches.  Her style is collaborative and thought-provoking and has led to significant client breakthroughs on critical outcomes as well as day to day relationships." - VP 

"You're thought provoking, Insightful, Collaborative, Authentic.  A "unique" combination and fine balance of support, intuition, empathy, humor and very direct, open and honest approach focused on quickly establishing a deep level of trust, safety an openness to dive deep to impact profound change and bring out your best! - C Suite Executive 

"You're open, honest, and without judgement." - EVP 

 "You're open, honest, and without judgement.  You both engage with your client and aren’t afraid to say when they’re being ridiculous. You quickly gain and give trust, creating a safe environment for any discussion, and aren’t afraid to look at the personal aspects that may be impacting the professional.  You have a business mind, so I don’t have to spend time explaining concepts or business terms.  Also, I was drawn to your confidence and humor.  

" Impacts-in a relatively new environment, i felt I had not just a confidante but an ally.  You weren’t going to throw anyone under the bus to bring familiarity but were able to share how others facing similar situations to help solve problems.  With both forms and advice, you gave real-world help in the non-real-world business environment.  You challenged me to think differently." 

 What makes you different, heart.  There’s no false pretense with you-you get it all.  The people you’re working with can tell that you’re completely committed and engaged in what they’re discussing, and never failed to circle back during the next discussion.  Connection-I’ve heard from others, and experienced myself, that you were there for me no matter what, and you took the time to know me and what mattered to me and shared your own experiences.  Honesty-you demanded nothing less and gave the same."

- Executive Vice President 

"Hi Cynthia! I am writing because I STILL draw on my coaching sessions with you...you lived the XYZ mission to "make a lasting positive impression. Be well and THANK YOU for being an awesome executive coach!" - Vice President, Healthcare   

 "Our conversations have helped me to be a better leader and to recognize the importance and validity of the interpersonal skills as a leader. You’ve succeeded in your mission to change the world, at least in a very small part, by helping me to better understand what a good leader is." - Director

 "You are amazing and your passion for what you comes through. You were born for this! You are a compassionate yet "real" coach - you give useful feedback that is relevant and aren't afraid to push back. I certainly feel your support! " - Senior Executive Lead

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