About Me

Master Certified Coach (MCC, through the ICF) with 20+ years and 4000+ hours of executive coaching experience.  

Client feedback on benefits of partnering with me:

"Executive level leadership – working at the higher levels of organizations where clients rarely get an authentic look into their style and impact".

"Leaders who want to make an impact, do the work – Cynthia is all in with people who sincerely want to make a difference."

"Cynthia's level of insight brings people to an awareness that leads to a decision point.  They are changed and they cannot simply do nothing.  "I feel strongly about this and think it is truly your gift!"

Cynthia Brings:

- Over 300 hours of coaching training from certified organizations, 4000+ hours of leadership coaching experience.  

- Master of Science (M.S.)  in Business and Industrial Management/Counseling, a Bachelor's of Science (B.S.). in Psychology 

- Over 20 years of leadership coaching experience working in a wide range of industries and with all levels of leadership focused on organizational effectiveness and continuous improvement.  

- Over 10 years of experience as a full-time internal executive leadership coach in non-profit healthcare and manufacturing/connectivity industries. 

- Coached leaders from Managers, Directors, VP's and C-Suite in industries and areas such as manufacturing, operations, project management, IT, legal, finance, software, retail, marketing, healthcare, nonprofit startups. 

- Expereince in management and team training, organizational development team and group coaching for executives.  

- Trained and facilitated strategy sessions, classes on coaching skills for leaders, effective communication, strengths-based leadership and many others.  

- Designed high potential development programs for executives,

-  Facilitated dialogue groups, group coaching for sales leaders, VP's to enhance collaboration, communication, employee engagement and goal attainment.  

-  I am passionate about working with leaders of courage, integrity, impact and creativity for transformative, positive systems change.  Optimizing what's possible through clarity of differentiating strengths, values, priorities and alignment of actions, behaviors and focus. 

I wake up every day and feel it's an honor and privilege to partner with leaders who have the dedication, courage and vulnerability to engage in "the highest level of advocacy you can ever perform",  your own self development.  I believe when human beings are clear and aligned with their unique strengths, passions and priorities (vs. fear and scarcity) it changes the world positively.  My passion and mission to partner with dedicated, creative brave leaders to do just that! 


Endorsements from Coaching Clients:

Hi Cynthia! I am writing because I STILL draw on my coaching sessions with you...you lived the XYZ misson to "make a lasting positive impression. Be well and THANK YOU for being an awesome executive coach!

"Cynthia Ronan’s coaching, simply put, makes an impact!  She has keen insight and elicits thinking from her clients that was not previously in the realm of possibility.  She excels working with high level clients who are operating in highly complex industry and organizational systems that require new thinking and approaches.  Her style is collaborative and thought-provoking and has led to significant client breakthroughs on critical outcomes as well as day to day relationships." - VP 

"Our conversations have helped me to be a better leader and to recognize the importance and validity of the interpersonal skills as a leader. You’ve succeeded in your mission to change the world, at least in a very small part, by helping me to better understand what a good leader is." - Director

" you are amazing and your passion for what you comes through. You were born for this! You are a compassionate yet "real" coach - you give useful feedback that is relevant and aren't afraid to push back. I certainly feel your support! " - Senior Executive Leader

Coaching Style from client:

Thought provoking, Insightful, Collaborative, Authentic

A "unique" combination and fine balance of support, intuition, empathy, humor and very direct, open and honest approach focused on quickly establishing a deep level of trust, safety an openness to dive deep to impact profound change and bring out your best!

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